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• 8/21/2017

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• 4/5/2015

Help petition for a Vinland Saga anime!

Check out the petition here!
Vinland Saga is a commercially successful manga in Japan and has recently been issued in English by Kodansha Comics USA. Incredible to believe that this doesn't already have an anime adaptation, this manga series based on Vikings is filled with beautiful artwork and kickass story-telling. It is in my personal belief, that if animated in a similar fashion to Attack on Titan it could become the next successful anime series.
People should support this petition as I feel it will be a manga left as a manga and not adapted to an anime. This series can make a difference to the anime community by providing more substance and realistically grounded segments that offer a mixture of historical accounts, figures, and fictitious fantasy. It offers a deeper sense of inspiration when it comes to changing the way we live, observing the struggle between being inherently good and evil, as well as the responsibility of being given great power. For the new generation that doesn't know of the history dating back to the early 1000s, this offers an overdramaticized account of these events with equally fictitious back-stories of historical figures.
I further believe that the writer and illustrator for this manga, Yukimura Makoto, should be given more credit and an animated version of his amazing story. This would be a fantastic addition to the line-up of anime that are riddled with slice of life and supernatural, changing it up and providing something fresh. With manga like Terraformars, a younger series in comparison, having an anime created for it, it's only fair that this one receive one, as well
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