Arnheid is Ketil's slave, along with Thorfinn and Einar. She is Ketil's personal maid and concubine.


Arnheid is a beautiful, slender woman with long wavy blonde hair.


Kind, hard-working and honest. She tries her best just to get through her slave life without trouble.


Arnheid was captured and sold off as a slave whilst her husband Gardar and all the other men in her village were away fighting with a neighboring village. Her son was murdered because female slaves without children fetched a higher price.

Gardar wound up as a slave as well. He eventually kills his master, escapes and comes upon Arnhied as he is riding through Ketil's land. Snake captures him, but Arnheid frees him and hides him in Ketil's father's home, under the bed. Thorfinn and Einar try to help her escape with Gardar, but Gardar dies from his wounds shortly after they have set off.

Arnheid is recaptured and Ketil beats her in a fit of rage. The beating is so severe that she loses the baby she was carrying and eventually dies from her injuries.


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