Bjorn (ビョルン Byorun) was Askeladd's second in command and his longest serving and most loyal follower.


Björn was a stocky man with dark, scruffy, black hair reaching down his neck. His beard was originally more grown out before being tied by a string to resemble a goatee. He wore a padded coat with buckles across the chest and a nasal helmet.


Björn is extremely devoted to Askeladd and is considered Askeladd's only real friend. His role as the right-hand man did not waver when the rest of Askeladd's band turned against him.


Berserker: Bjorn was a skilled warrior and fought with a sword and shield. His full power was displayed when he used the berserker mushroom to get into berserkergang. When in this state, he displayed tremendous ferocity, strength, and resistance to pain, becoming a highly dangerous opponent capable of continuing to battle even despite multiple injuries. The downside was that Bjorn could not distinguish between friend and foe unless snapped out of berserkergang, making him potentially lethal even to his allies.

Despite this, he was defeated by Thors in hand to hand combat, not managing to land a hit on the former. Years later while defending Canute, he single-handedly defeated 10 of his former companions, despite sustaining several injuries and starting out unarmed. However, after being snapped out of berserkergang by Canute, he was surprised by Atli, who was able to stab him deeply in the guts.


Out of the members of Askeladd's band, Bjorn was with him the longest. Despite this, he actually did not learn much about his leader save for the fact that he was from Denmark. He rose to become Askeladd's right-hand man and was respected by his companions.


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