King Canute

Canute (クヌート, Kunūto) is a prince of the Danes and later king of Denmark and England, succeeding his father Sweyn Forkbeard.


Canute has effiminate features. He has long, blondish hair, and still no stubble; even though he is already 17. He has large blue eyes that narrow down when he gets angry or annoyed. Also in the beginning, his mouth is quite large, poutish and pink. He's still very frail, and completely relies on Ragnar, his most trusted servant/guardian. Later in the series, (after Ragnar's death) he builds muscle, grows a beard, and cuts his hair short.


Although initially timid, weak and always hiding behind Ragnar, Canute begins to stick up for himself as Thorfinn constantly puts him down. Wanting revenge on his father for being secretly marked for death, Canute develops a more commanding and demanding personality. This was brought out by Askeladd's assassination of Ragnar, whom he wanted to eliminate as he was standing in the way of Canute's emotional maturity.

Later on he became a ruthless and manipulative character who doesn't hesitate to get rid of anyone getting into his way of building a paradise on Earth. He also grows extremly paranoid and constantly haunted by the ghost of his late sire and father.


A decent fighter later in the series Canute is better known as a cunning and charismatic general.



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