Normanni (北人(ノルマンニ), Kitahito (Noruman'ni)) is the 1st chapter in the series.


Short Summary

A turbulent siege between two Frankish tribes for a fortress by a river as the attackers fail miserably in their attack. Seeing a lucrative opportunity, the leader of his own gang, Askeladd sends Thorfinn as an envoy messenger to the siege army. Arriving at the camp, Thorfinn negotiates a deal with the Frank leader Jabbathe. The following day Askeladd and his men arrive on the battlefield carrying their ships straight to the river bed. While his comrades arrive, Thorfinn reaches the fortress and takes the head of the leader. Navigating through the riverbed, Askeladd and his men reach the exposed backend of the fortress and go on the offensive. Gloating over "His" magnificent victory over the fortress enemies, Jabbathe learns that all of the treasure in the fortress had been stolen. With their treasure, Askeladd and his men make their escape to the open sea all while dodging Jabbathe's forces merciless attacks.

Long Summary


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