The Hunter and the Hunted (9) (狩る者 狩られる者⑨, Karumono Kara Reru-sha 9) is the 122th chapter in the series.



Thorfinn took heavy blows from Hild's crossbow. He succumbed to the ground. He cannot stand because of his severe injuries particularly on his legs. While at the mercy of Hild, Thorfinn begs for her to give him a few more years to live to atone for his sins. Hild refused to Thorfinn's last request. Hild, at this point, already decided to execute Thorfinn. As she shoots her crossbow, Eisnar tried to jump to protect Thorfinn. Unexpectedly, Hild's crossbow shot missed which flew above instead. She suddenly saw apparitions of her father and master preventing her crossbow from shooting Thorfinn. In her mind, she asked her father and master why they stopped her from taking revenge and why they want her to forgive Thorfinn. She calmed down. She asked Thorfinn on how he would atone for his sins. Thorfinn said that he will build a land of peace in Vinland where the number of children raised will be greater than the number of the lives that he has destroyed. Hild said that his plan is preposterous and that would not be able to bring back the lives of her family. However, she said that from now on she would watch Thorfinn's actions in realizing his plans. She said that Thorfinn's life is already on her hands and she would not hesitate put an end to his life once she knew that he is only a man of words. Before collapsing and losing consciousness because of blood loss, Thorfinn thanked her for giving him another chance.


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