Somewhere Not Here (ここではないどこか, Kokode Wanai Doko ka) is the 2nd chapter in the series.


Short Summary

Askeladd and his men arrive in his uncle Gorm's village. He talks business with his uncle and is introduced to his uncle's new slave named Hordaland. With Thorfinn walking toward Gorm's house with eyes of determination, Askeladd asks his uncle to be a witness in a duel he promised Thorfinn. The duel takes place and due to Askeladd's emotional manipulation, he wins the duel. Later that night, Thorfinn broods his loss on his father's ship when the slave Hordaland brings him food. The two talk and a flashback occurs involving Thorfinn's past when he was a child in his home village.

Long Summary


Thorfinn does a double-parry with both of his short swords against Askeladd's slash but still has to leap backward to avoid them breaking.


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