Beyond the Edge of the Sea (海の果ての果て, Uminohate no Hate) is the 3rd chapter in the series.


Short Summary

Leif Ericson tells a group of children about this trip to a land known as Vinland. Once Thorfinn's father Thors arrives the story is finished and the children are lead by Ari back to their homes to rest. With the kids gone, Leif and Thors then talk about the freezing weather in Greenland. The following day while shoveling the abundance of snow they received during the snowstorm, Ylva Thors' daughter finds an unconscious and frostbitten slave. Out on the docks, Leif talks to Thorfinn about a couple more stories about his past. Meanwhile, Thors tries to resuscitate the unconscious slave in his home. The slave manages to awaken and reveal that it belonged to Halfdan, all while the man arrives in the village.

Long Summary


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