Messenger from the Battlefield (戦場よりの使者, Senjō Yori no Shisha) is the 6th chapter in the series.


Short Summary

Thors discusses matters with his former comrade Floki about returning to the Jomsvikings. It is an offer Thors cannot refuse as Floki holds the village hostage with his men. Before leaving the village, Floki introduces himself to the villagers and offer them to join Thors in coming to Jomsborg. With Floki and his men gone, the villagers cherish the fact that a war has begun all while Thors looks overcome with melancholy. Although disheartened, Thors realizes that he must come to terms with his past for the sake of the village. As the men of the village set up their boats for the trip, a young boy named Faxi reveals to Leif about Thorfinn's brutality.

Long Summary


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