Einar (エイナル, Einaru) is a former slave who formerly worked in a field in Northern England. He met Thorfinn at Ketil's farm and later becomes close friends with him.

He shares his dream of creating a country of peace in Vinland.


Einar is a man with short brown hair and of above average height. He's around twenties. After many years of hard labor on the field of Ketil his posture got more muscular.


The events at Ketil's farm revealed Einar to be one of Thorfinn's more straightforward companions who runs on his emotions and acts accordingly. Although outspoken, he demonstrates a great understanding of the people around him and especially of Thorfinn's struggles. Acknowledging his lack of combat prowess, Einar vows to help Thorfinn in his own way and is an ever welcoming companion. He's kinda fussy and tried to be friendly to Thorfinn. A softer side to Einar is evident as he can easily get embarrassed - noted by his reactions and blushing to whenever Arnheid compliments him.


Einar has few abilities when it comes to combat, but he is quite large in stature and musculature. He also has experience farming and doing various other hands on tasks.


Einar is originally from Northern England. Following the demise of his village being burned to the ground and his father's death by the hands of the troops serving the King of England, Einar was sold into slavery and ended up on Ketil's farm. Shortly after arriving at Ketil's farm Einar met Thorfinn and they were tasked with clearing a forested area to make room for more fields which guaranteed their freedom from slavery. Einar did not become friends with Thorfinn immediately, but after a while of working together and understanding Thorfinn's past and his current mental state he began to embrace him as a friend and later his brother.


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