Quote1 Listen closely, Thorfinn. You don't have any enemies. No one has any enemies. There is no one who it's okay to hurt. Quote2
— Thors to Thorfinn

"Sword" is the 2nd episode of the Vinland Saga anime.


In the year 1002, the war between England and Denmark intensifies and the English massacred a band of Vikings in Northumbria. A band of Jomsvikings, led by the intimidating Floki, visit Thorfinn's village in Iceland to enlist Thors in their war against the English. Thors was their former commander known as the Troll of Jom and is forced to join Floki along with a ship and men in order to protect the villagers from being taken as hostages. Thorfinn and the young men in the village and are excited by the prospect of going to war but have little understanding of what it is really like. Meanwhile, Floki conspires with Askeladd in the Faroe Islands to slaughter Thors and his crew when they arrive as punishment for deserting fifteen years earlier.

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