Name Gorm
Kanji ゴルム
Rōmaji Gorumu
Vital Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance
Introduction Chapter 2

Gorm (ゴルム, Gorumu) is a feudal lord in a village located on the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark. He really loves gold and it brightens his heart, just by looking at it.


Gorm is an elder man, with little longer than shoulders hair and pointy beard.


He loves gold, which according to him brightens his heart when he looks at it. If someone makes a mistake, he preaches at how much money his mistake costed. He is also the uncle of Askeladd.


He don't posses any abilities, expect the power of being a feudal lord in a village.


Gorm was first seen in his house talking with Askeladd. He was calculating how much it would cost Askeladd to lodge and feed his men. Askeladd told him that he will get his money and Gorm smiled saying that's what he waited to hear. Askeladd then asked him if he loves gold that much, to which Gorm replied he does and just be looking at it, it brightens a man's heart. He asked his slave Hordaland to bring out the good German wine, but had to repeat himself as she was inattentive. Askeladd found her name strange, suggesting that it sounded like a place in Norway. Gorm explained that she was from the family of some lord in that Norwegian area, but, due to a lost war, she was sold into slavery and bought by him. Askeladd then saw Thorfinn coming and asked Gorm to witness a duel for him.

Outside Gorm officiated between the duel between Thorfinn and Askeladd. Later that night at a feast, Hordaland dropped some food on the floor, which angered Gorm and he started beating her with a whip, demanding if she knew how much food cost. He later had her bring dinner to Thorfinn who had chosen to remain on ship guard duty.