King Harald (ハラルド王, Hararudo-Ō) was the first king of Norway.


King Harald was tall, had a dominating appearance, and had long a honey-blond hair with a matching color braided beard. He wore a fur-trimmed fur cape over a leather fur-trimmed tunic over chainmail. He also carried on his person a sword.


King Harald could be considered a ruthless individual. Once he conquered Norway, he demanded the provincial people to either obey him or be banished from the land forever.


Harald's army conquered the lands of Norway village by village, after which he proclaimed himself as the king of Norway. He then gave a choice to the people, serve him or leave Norway forever.[1]



  • Harald was known as "inn hárfagri", literally "the hairfair".
  • Harald claimed descent from the Yngling clan, a legendary line of petty kings in Sweden.


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