Helga (ヘルガ, Heruga) is the mother of Thorfinn and Ylva, and the wife of Thors.


Helga is a woman with a slender build, blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She wears a white bandana, a short red cape, and a white and light green outfit.


Helga is a warm and kind-hearted woman, who cares deeply for her family.



She is the niece of Thorkell and daughter of Sigvald, who is the chief of the Jomsviking. She was married to Thors by her father when he became the captain of the Jomsvikings. She gave birth to Ylva when Thors was still a Jomsviking. When Thors was thought to be dead, he fled the battle; Thors, Helga, and baby Ylva left Jomsborg to Iceland to live away from the war.


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