Hordaland (ホルザランド, Horuzarando), real name unknown, is a young woman from Hordaland, Norway. She was a family member of a lord in that region but due to the family losing a war, they went in ruin and she was sold as a slave.


Hordaland is a young beautiful girl with long light blond hair and light blue eyes. She wears cyan-colored overalls over a white and gold-colored trim outfit and brown shoes.


She is very kind, even though she is treated badly and turned to slave. Even though Gorm beats her, she still found the idea of killing him as an awful thing to do.


As an ordinary girl, she doesn't possess any additional abilities.


Hordaland was first seen at Gorm's house, where he asked her to bring out the good german wine, but she spaced out, so he told her again. Askeladd found her name strange, sounding like a place in Norway. Gorm elaborates that he was from that area and family of some lord. However, they lost a war and the family went to ruin and he was able to buy her that year.

Later that night at a feast, Hordaland dropped some food on the floor, which angered Gorm. He then started to beat her with a whip, demanding if she knew how much food cost. She was later ordered to bring dinner to Thorfinn, who had chosen to remain on ship guard duty. When she tried to wake him, he mistook her for an enemy at first, causing her to drop his food. As he ate, she asked him if he is a thrall too since they seemed alike but Thorfinn told her he was a free warrior. Thorfinn also discloses that if he was in her position, he would have killed Gorm and fled. She though idea awful and wondered that if she were to run, where would have she go to, questioning if there is a place without slaves.


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