Jabbathe (ジャバザ, Jabaza) is a frank nobleman, who with the help of Askeladd was able to overtake a strong frank fortress.


Jabbathe is a short and fat man, with short dark hair on top of his head and bald neck. He has a large head, with large eyes, and mouth.


Jabbathe is a spoiled, arrogant, and greedy man, who thinks quite highly of himself. Even though he was losing a battle, after Askeladd won the battle for him, he claimed it was due to his strategic command.



Jabbathe was first seen trying to overtake a fortress. They were loosing and Askeladd send out Thorfinn to negotiate with them, suggesting that for half the spoils, they will join them with their 100 men or if they decline, they will join the other side. Jabbathe agreed although he wasn't planning to split the spoils. With the help of Askeladd, the fortress fell, but to the surprise of Jabbathe, Askeladd had already taken all of the spoils, leaving him only the glory of the victory.



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