Leif Erikson is a famous traveler. He was a close friend to Thors Snorresson and later with his son. He is one of the few to have made it to Vinland.


Young Leif anime.jpeg

Leif is a balding man with a mustache. He is short in stature and is getting up there in years.


Back in the past when Thorfinn was a young kid, Leif kept boasting that he’s a great warrior, however, people’s opinions of him say that he’s just a child with a beard and is useless in battle.

After Thors died, Leif blamed himself and made it his job to find Thorfinn who went missing and bring him back to his hometown. This continued for years upon years, showing how much Leif would go for a person he cares about and how he doesn't go back on his word, making him a kind-hearted person.


Shortly after Leif moved to Greenland, his ship got trapped in an ice floe in a bay near Brattal for an entire month. After they quickly ran out of food and their ship was crushed by the ice, they decided they had to try to escape via walking on the ice. After walking for two nights, Leif realized he was alone and the other 6 in his crew had died.[1]


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