Ragnar was Canute's chief retainer, having served him since he was a small boy. He also functioned as a foster father and guardian. Following Ragnar's death Canute, who had previously been very sheltered and timid, underwent a dramatic personality change and became much more determined and courageous.


Ragnar is bald apart from very long, black, curly hair on the sides of his head. He has very thick black eyebrows that lie close to his deep-set eyes. His wrinkles are also very deep, especially in his cheeks, just above his thick beard. He consciously keeps his face under control, even during the moment of death. However, when he gets angry, his entire frame shakes and he curls his fists up into balls.


Ragnar acted like an overbearing and dotting parent with his protégé Prince Canute. He was also quick to anger and defend against any disparaging comment that was aimed toward the prince. Overall he extolled the prince and tried his very best to protect him.

Role in the Series

Ragnar is Prince Canute's guardian and idol. Although having flaws, Ragnar is ultimately aimed for good. Canute (his protégé) is treated as his son -Ragnar assesses this shortly before his death- he is the only one to know of Canute's hobbies. When Canute starts to build up courage, Ragnar is not sure what to think; he is the one who has done all the talking for the Prince ever since he was a small boy. Apart from that, Ragnar also encouraged/followed the Prince's Christianic religion.


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