Sweyn Forkbeard
Name Sweyn Forkbeard
Vital Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Family Canute (Son)
First Appearance

Sweyn Forkbeard is the Danish king who managed to conquer almost the entirety of England and Wales, all the while keeping control of his more northern kingdoms. His wit, ferocity, ruthlessness and battle tactics kept everything under water-tight control.


King Sweyn is an old man with multiple skin problems. Although none of them are named, they are obvious. He is missing several teeth, has rather droopy features and many deep-set wrinkles; however he's managed to keep a full head of black hair, not marred by any white. His beard is usually kept in two opposing spikes, and smoothed out, while his hair remains curly and unruly. Upon his head, he has a crown which he blames for becoming obsessed with power. This crown varies as he is both King of Danes and English; meaning he has 2 different crowns.