Thors (トールズ, Tōruzu) was a Jomsviking commander whose phenomenal combat skills in combat earned him the moniker "Troll of Jom". He was the son of Snorre and the father of Thorfinn and Ylfa. Through his marriage to Helga, Thors was the son-in-law of Sigvaldi, the Jomsvikings' leader, and was the nephew-in-law of Thorkell.


Thors was a man of average height with long dark hair kept tied back. When he was younger, his beard was styled as a goatee but was later grown out.



Master hand to hand combatant: Thors possessed a mastery of hand to hand combat unparalleled by any other character thus far and was capable of fighting against multiple opponents in a melee. In 987, he defeated Thorkell in combat and knocked him out despite being unarmed, although Thorkell was armed with an axe. Despite settling down to the life of a farmer in Iceland afterwards, his combat skills remained sharp, although how he maintained them was a well kept secret. Thus despite not having fought actively since deserting the Jomsvikings more than a decade before, Thors single-handedly defeated one of Askeladd's crews by incapacitating or disabling his opponents, including Bjorn. Despite this, he inflicted at worst broken bones and did not causing any fatalities.


Thors was the strongest, bravest and most know warrior through out the Viking World. He was the only man who could beat Thorkell the Tall in single combat. He used to be a Jomsviking and through only strength of arms and ability in combat he got the rank of captain when he was still 25 years old. Sigvaldi, the commander of the Jomsvikings liked him so much that he agreed to marry Thors with his daughter, Helga.


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