A timeline of all events from the Vinland Saga manga.

Though Vinland Saga is based on historical events, it makes several changes to many historical facts, and therefore this timeline shouldn't be seen as an accurate timeline of real-world history.

Year Event
516 Britannian military leader Lucius Artorius Castus defeats the invading Saxons at the Battle of Baden Hill, bringing peace to Britannia.
963 Thors Snorresson, also known by his nickname the Troll of Jom, is born.

Thorkell is born.

965 Leif Ericson is born.
968 Halfdan is born
969 Lucius Artorius Castus, better known by his nickname Askeladd, is born.

Helga is born.

975 Bjorn is born.
978 Asgeir is born.
983 At the age of fourteen, Askeladd travels to Wales to fulfill his mother Lydia's last request. Upon arriving there, he meets Welsh general Gratianus.
986 Ylva is born.

The Jomsvikings, including Thors and Thorkell, participate in the Battle of Hjörungavágr. During the battle, Thors has a change of heart concerning war and decides to desert the Jomsvikings.

Three months after the battle, Thors returns to Jomsborg in order to take Helga and an infant Ylva with him and leave the Jomsvikings for good. Thorkell tries to stop him, but ultimately relents and lets Thors and his family leave.

991 11 August - Thorkell, presumably with the Jomsvikings, and Askeladd participate in the Battle of Maldon. Thorkell is nearly maimed during the battle, and Askeladd notices him falling to his knees.
996 Thorfinn is born.

Canute is born.

1000 Leif Ericson discovers a new continent to the west of Greenland, and names it Vinland.

Gudrid is born.

1002 November 13 - The English massacre a village of Danes in Danelaw. Among those slaughtered is Princess Gunhilde, sister to Danish King Sweyn. Having gained the perfect pretext, King Sweyn prepares to wage war against England and conquer it whole.
1012 During the winter, King Sweyn withdraws his troops from England.

With King Sweyn's invasion of England on hold, Askeladd's band of Vikings set sail to look for opportunities in the Kingdom of the Franks. They offer their services to Frankish nobleman Jabbathe, agreeing to help him overtake a strong Frank fortress provided they get a share of the fortress' riches. Before the raid on the fortress begins, Askeladd promises to duel Thorfinn if he is able to get a head with a helmet to him.

The raid on the Frank fortress goes well for Askeladd's band, and they seize all of its riches before Jabbathe arrives. To Askeladd's surprise, Thorfinn successfully managed to kill the captain of the fortress' defenders and bring his head back to Askeladd. The conditions met, Askeladd agrees to duel Thorfinn as soon as they reach Gorm's village.

1015 June - Einar meets Thorfinn at Ketil's Farm for the first time.
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