Torgrim (トルグリム Torugurimu) is a former member of Askeladd's band. He is Atli's brother.


In his initial anime appearance, Torgrim was a burly man who had short blond hair, a dark blonde mustache and goatee, and green eyes. He once wore a teal-colored outfit, gray pants, and brown boots. After the time skip, Togrim grew his hair long, grew a full goatee, and wore chainmail armor.


Like other members of Askeladd’s men, despise those who are believers of the Christian faith. After his confrontation with Thorkell, he has a mental breakdown, succumbs to amnesia, and his personality reverts to that of a child.



Along with his brother Atli, he is one of the few survivors of the battle with Thorkell. However, upon seeing Thorkell in battle he slipped into a state of shock which resulted in deep psychological damage. He is now living with his brother Atli after leaving Askeladd's band.


  • In the TV anime, Torgrim debuted earlier by replacing the roles of other unnamed band members.


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